How to Preserve iPhone Battery Life in iOS 5

There seems to be a great deal of clamor lately regarding the battery life of the iPhone with the release of iOS 5 (and the freshly released iOS 5.0.1). Of course, iOS 5 is a great new release that brings a number of handy new features, but some of those features can also be overkill and can cause battery drain.

If rumors are true, one of the seemingly most notorious culprits is Notification Center, the much-needed functionality introduced in iOS 5 that allows you be better see and manage the incoming messages from all of your assorted apps.

By default, many of the apps you install make use of the new Notification Center functionality to keep you informed of all sorts of app events – most of which are totally useless and need not be used.  For example, do you really need to get updates from Apple’s new Cards app?  Not me.  How about updates from the weather or stock widgets?  Me neither.   All the ongoing network activity required to make those unnecessary app notifications occur can drain your battery.  The solution?  Turn Notification Center off for all those apps you don’t need to hear from!

NOTE:  Reports around the internet seem to indicate that the Calendar app, if connected to an Exchange calendar, can be a big source of battery drain when used with Notification Center.  If this is your situation, you might want to run with test this with Notifications ON and OFF to see this improves your battery situation. 

Here’s how to turn off select app notifications in iOS 5 Notification Center.

Step 1 – Go to the Settings app on your phone (the one with the icon that has the gears graphic on it).

Step 2 – Select the “Notifications” settings.

Step 3 – Use your finger to scroll down to see which apps are “In Notification Center” and those that are “Not In Notification Center”.

Step 4 –  Select an app that is “In Notification Center” from which you don’t wish to receive notifications.

Step 5 – The very first setting found at the top is “Notification Center” with the option to turn notifications ON or OFF for that particular app.

Step 6  – Select “OFF”.  If you now go back to the Notification Center setting, that app you updated should now be found in the “Not In Notification Center” list.

Cards Notification Center Off

Congratulations!  You’ve just made one small step towards improving your iPhone’s battery life in iOS 5.  Repeat this process for every app that you don’t need to be nagged by in Notification Center.