Homeschool Headlines – June 2017

Homeschooling your children is not easy.  It takes a ton of dedication, hard work and sacrifice.  Some days you just want to give up.  We know. We have been in that place.

The homeschooling articles we’ve gathered for this post are designed to encourage and inspire you to keep “fighting the good fight” and to press on with your home education goals.

Article #1 from The Epoch Times
During a rough season of homeschooling, have you ever asked yourself “Why am I still doing this?” It’s a common question to ask during the tough times.  The article below describes some of the key benefits and reasons for why homeschooling is a good education option.  This may be information you already know, but sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves of basic reasons that we chose homeschooling in the first place.  Reflecting upon those reasons can get our heads “back in the game” and help us persevere.

9 Reasons Parents Choose to Homeschool Their Children

Article #2 from EURACTIV
The pressures of homeschooling are demanding, but even in the midst of the struggles we can and should be grateful that we can homeschool our children in these United States.  This is not the case in Germany.  This next article makes me thankful for the freedoms we enjoy.  Please pray for those families in Germany that desire to teach their own children, but cannot without fear of intrusion by their government.

Not so wunderful: Germany’s fear of homeschooling

Article #3 from EmaxHealth
One of the big sources of stress and discouragement for homeschooling parents is all the paperwork that is needed to comply with the homeschooling laws in the area in which we live.  The article below takes the position that being overly detailed with your homeschooling records may actually be doing more harm than good.  It’s an interesting perspective.

Reasons You Should Never Over-Comply With Homeschool Laws

Article #4 from Stronger Marriages
As we previously stated, homeschooling is hard.  It’s even more difficult if there is lifelessness or discord in your marriage.  We are not marriage counselors here at Home Educate in the Sunshine State, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if your marriage is suffering in some way, your homeschooling efforts will suffer as well.  Put another way:  “As goes the marriage, so goes the family” (and, of course, your homeschooling). Therefore, you must make your marriage your top priority despite all the other things on your plate.  If this describes your situation, it might be time to “kick it up a notch” and refocus and reconnect with your spouse.  This next article is a good place to start.  Point #6 is very applicable.

7 “Weird” Habits of Happy Couples

That’s all we have for now.  Do you have an encouraging article that you think our readers would benefit from? If so, please share it in the comments section below.  Until next time, be well!