Does your Pastor support your homeschool efforts?

There is a very encouraging and helpful article recently posted on the American Vision web site that I encourage all homeschoolers to read, especially if you feel like your pastor doesn’t support your homeschooling efforts.

By God’s grace, my wife and I never had this problem.  Our former pastor and his wife introduced us to homeschooling and we never looked back.  We were so impressed by their children’s conduct and knowledge, we knew that we had to homeschool our children too.
American Vision

By the way, if you never visited the American Vision web site, it is a great resource Christian homeschoolers.  It will be well worth your time to go there and take a deep dive into their numerous books and materials.  They cover a wide variety of topics, including Christian Worldview, Reformed Theology, American History and Eschatology.  Gary DeMar also has a great weekly podcast that I highly recommend.


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