How to Make Play Slime

Slime!Remember the slime from years ago that came packaged in a canister that looked like a garbage can?  Ah, the fond memories of the days filled with simpler fun.

Share your fond memories and make some new ones with your children by making your own play slime from some common household products!  It’s a safe, fast and fun way for your kids to learn something new and engage in some unique play in this era of rampant mobile phone and tablet entertainment.  Also, there’s no borax required in this mixture, which can be dangerous.  Let’s begin!

Elmer’s White School Glue – 4 fluid ounces
Baking Soda (a.k.a. bicarbonate of soda) – 1/2 tablespoon
Contact Lens Solution – 1 tablespoon
Food Coloring – 1 to 2 drops, more if needed for desired color

Also, you’ll need a general purpose bowl and maybe a spoon for mixing the above items together.


  1. Make sure your hands, bowl and any utensils used for mixing the ingredients are clean.
  2. Dump the whole bottle Elmer’s School Glue into your bowl.
  3. Sprinkle in the baking soda and mix it completely into the glue.
  4. Add some of the food coloring(s) into the mixture to achieve your perfect slime color.
  5. Add the contact lens solution.
  6. Stir all of this until it becomes somewhat resistant to mix and your slime begins to form.
  7. Remove the newly formed slime out from the bowl and begin kneading it  with your hands.
  8. If your slime is too sticky, start adding more contact solution slowly and in small quantities (a few drops).  Don’t overdo it!
  9. Store your newly created slime in a tightly closed plastic bag when not in use.

Your kids will love making this and will find the process fascinating.  They have more fun playing with it.  If you’re a homeschooler, you can make this into a science lesson and teach your children the principles of viscosity and the concept of polymers.  Learning does not need to be boring!  Enjoy!


  • While safe, an adult should oversee this process and assist in the making of it.
  • This slime should not be consumed.
  • Make sure your kids wash their hands after making and playing with this goo.
  • Ingesting contact solution can be dangerous, so make sure children don’t drink it.  If this occurs, seek medical aid asap.

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