How to Type the Cent Symbol on an iOS Device

In a previous post, we explained how to type the cent symbol on a desktop computer.  It has become one of our most popular landing pages.  So what if you want to use the cent symbol (¢) on a device running iOS, like an iPhone or iPad?  Never fear, it’s really fast and easy to enter a cent symbol using that popular mobile operating system too.

To do it, simply open an application on your iPhone or iPad to type some text using the iOS keyboard, like Mail or Messages.  Once you’ve started typing and you come to the point in the text where the cent symbol is required, toggle the keyboard from alphabetic mode (the keyboard where the 1st 6 keys show “QWERTY”) to numeric mode (first row starts with “123456”).  This mode switch is performed by pressing the key labeled “123”, which is found in the lower left area of the keyboard (exact location depends on whether you’re holding the device vertically or horizontally)123_key.  Once you press it and the numeric keyboard appears, that same button/key will now be labeled “ABC”.

currency chooser on ios keyboardNow find the dollar symbol ($) and press and hold that $ key/button.  You should see a currency symbol chooser (see image) appear above the dollar sign ($) key.  This chooser will contain the cent symbol along with the currency symbols for the euro, pound, yen,won and more. Simply press the cent symbol from that chooser area and the cent symbol will be inserted into your text!

Congratulations!  You’ve just added a cent symbol into your text in iOS!


6 Replies to “How to Type the Cent Symbol on an iOS Device”

  1. I found it… but I had to change keyboards.

    The iPad I’m using is using the Canadian English keyboard. I added the US English keyboard, and it is where where the article describes.

    My question is now, other than the odd spelling differences between the two countries’ uses of English, and both countries use dollars and cents as their currencies…..

    …… why does the Canadian English keyboard lack the ¢ symbol?

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