How to Turn off a Macintosh Display with a Keyboard Shortcut

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Have you ever wanted to shut off your integrated Macintosh display (i.e. iMac, MacBook) without putting the computer to sleep? You would think that this handy and easy keyboard short-cut would be more well known to Apple OSX users, but it doesn’t seem to be common knowledge.

Here’s how you do it.  Just press the following 3 keys together at the same time:


If done correctly, the monitor should go dark but the computer itself will remain awake.

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For those of you that missed the procedure, here it is again in slow motion:

(the Control key)  + (the Shift key) + ⏏ (the Eject key)

If you enjoyed this quick Mac Tip and want to learn more cool keyboard shortcuts, check out this link over at for an impressively large lists of other handy Apple Macintosh keyboard shortcuts.

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