How to Make A Geyser with Diet Coke and Mentos

Make a Geyser with Diet Coke and Mentos Candy
Make a Geyser with Diet Coke and Mentos Candy

Here’s a fun way to teach your kids about chemical reactions, the power of pressure and geysers all in one fun experiment. All you need are a few items that you can find in most stores or online. Your kids will think it is the coolest thing ever.

Look below to see a video of a Geyser Tube in action!

Things you’ll need:

ā€¢ 2 Liter bottle of Diet Coke
ā€¢ A package of Mentos mint candy
ā€¢ Steve Spangler’sĀ Geyser Tube (optional, but far more entertaining)

STEP 1 – Find an open outdoor area (preferably one that can be sprayed with diet cola and not cause any problems) and set up your Diet Coke 2 liter bottle. You may want to stabilize it using a terra cotta flower pot, cinder block or some other sturdy base that will prevent it from tipping over while the bottle’s contents are shooting skyward.

STEP 2 – Attach your Geyser Tube to the opened 2 liter bottle per the instructions included with the Geyser Tube.

STEP 3 – Load the Geyser Tube with the Mentos candy. Make sure the pin is inserted into the shaft of the tube first, or else you’re gonna get wet!

STEP 4 – When all observers are ready, pull the pin from the Geyser Tube to drop the Mentos candy into the soda.

STEP 5 – Within a second or two, a chemical reaction will occur causing the soda to shoot out from the bottle and spray many feet into the air! Repeat as often as you wish. Enjoy!

Tips & Warnings

  • Stand back and don’t point the geyser at any observer’ s faces.
  • This is a great experiment for a home school family!
  • You may waste alot of money on Coke and Mentos doing this. Restrain yourself!
  • Don’t do this indoors. You’ll not be happy with yourself afterwards.

HD version of the video

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  1. August 8, 2012 5:44 pm The Mentos in diet coke is a great one for outside. you can cnhage it by varying the ingredients eg. use other colas or different mints to get different reactions.References :

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