Homeschool Headlines – November 2017

Here are some interesting articles on homeschooling that we’ve found in recent weeks. Enjoy!

Homeschooling as an Educational Choice is Rising
Americans are increasingly choosing to homeschool their children. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Education, it is estimated that a 1.8 million students (as of 2012) are now homeschooled in this country.  This is nearly double the number from 1999.  What is more interesting is that the families that are choosing to do so are from every “demographic, political, and ethnic group (see more here)”.  I don’t find this surprising.  I’ve personally found that the negative comments and opinions on homeschooling that our family once encountered are far less frequent.  Additionally, we’ve also noted that more people are considering homeschooling in place of public and private education options.

Homeschooling to Revive Conservatism?
Want to make America great again? If so, a vote for Trump might not be the best way to do it in the long run. According to this opinion piece, the manner in which you educate your children may be more important than how you vote in the upcoming election.  In general, homeschooling families tend to more conservative, entrepreneurial, liberty-minded and family focused.  As noted in the first article above, more people are choosing to homeschool.  The rise in homeschooling in this nation could bode well for future generations.

Don’t Like the Loss of Parental Authority?  Stop Sending Your Kids to Public School.
Once again, Matt Walsh over at TheBlaze shoots straight and tells it like it is.  If you’re frustrated about losing your parental authority when you send your kids off to a public school, it may be time to reconsider your educational choice and make the move to homeschooling.

Because the government requires our kids to leave us at the age of four or five, and spend most of their time in these giant factory-like structures where they are constantly deconstructed and reassembled in the image of the state, we have ourselves adopted the belief that things should be this way. – Matt Walsh

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