Watching Movies Christianly

Girl watching movie with discernment, of courseDoes your family watch movies?  If so, do you watch them “Christianly”?  That is, do you watch films using Biblical discernment? Contrary to the practices of some, this does not simply mean that you check for a “G” rating and then head on over to the local cinema. I am asking if you dig a little deeper (even beyond the clearly obvious checklist of “no strong language, no nudity, no sex”) and view even the so-called “safe”, family-friendly movies with a discerning and engaged mind – thinking actively, deeply and prayerfully about the worldviews you and your children may be ingesting along with your popcorn as you enjoy a family movie night.

Do you know how to do this?  Sadly, many do not and others just don’t care to.  Neither is a valid excuse.  The Bible calls Christians to be wise and constantly discerning, as seen here:

But solid food is forthe mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.  Hebrews 5:14 (ESV)

The embedded video below featuring guest host Michael Minkoff is a great introduction to the concept of Biblical discernment as it relates to movies.  This video was created and produced by a couple of guys who started the Christian movie review site Movieology, a video blog affiliated with American Vision that is dedicated to “engaging the spectacular world of movies from a bedrock of biblical truth”.  I think this is a much needed service to the Christian community and they are doing a fantastic job.

I throughly enjoyed watching and hearing Michael’s comments below and I hope you do as well.  I pray that as we homeschool our children, we will not only teach them raw facts (which is important), but also the ability to study the Scriptures, learn true wisdom and apply this Godly wisdom in a discerning fashion to not only movies, but to all of life.

oscarWant to see more movie reviews done from a Christian perspective?  You should check out Movieology today!  See also:  Movieguide, Brian Godawa’s Movie Blog here and here, as well as World Magazine.

(By the way, if you enjoyed what Michael Minkoff had to say in this episode, you may want to view a prior Movielogy episode where he argues that in order to engage culture for Christ, Christians should be watching secular films!  Whether you agree or disagree, it is worth watching.)


Sunday Thoughts

This weekend I was reading The Dark Side of Islamby R.C. Sproul and Abdul Saleeb. I came across a statement by Dr. Sproul that poignantly reminds us of our fallen tendency to have a low view of God’s holiness and a misplaced view of own.  It is a quote worth sharing:

“As long as we can keep the character of God in eclipse and can conceal from our vision who He is, we can continue to flatter ourselves that we can balance the scales of justice or earn our way into the kingdom of God. This is the greatest human delusion there is.”

I pray that you have a wonderful Sunday of worship and rest.

Happy Reformation Day!

2010 UPDATE:  Even though I haven’t watched this video for nearly 2 years, it still makes me smile to see it. I also appreciate the work that went into it.  If you’re studying the Protestant Reformation with your children, this is a winsome way to introduce them to some of the history and key theological disputes that Martin Luther combatted in his day. Highly recommended!

I saw this video on another site today and thought my readers would enjoy it. This fun cartoon video of the “Reformation Polka” can be used as a great way to introduce young children to the history and key issues that gave rise to the Protestant Reformation. Of course, this means that you’re going to have to know and explain the meaning of transubstantiation, indulgences and papal bulls, but you’re up to the challenge, right?

I apologize in advance to anyone who can’t get the chorus out of their heads after viewing this. Enjoy!

If you’ve never read Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, this is a good day to do so.