How to Remove the Crescent Moon Icon from your Contacts in Apple Messages

iOS Hide Alerts Moon IconAre you annoyed by the fact that some of your contacts in the Apple Messages app have a crescent moon icon to the left of their picture? Can’t figure out why it is there? Want to learn how to remove it?

We’ll tell you about why this icon appears and, more importantly, how you can remove it.

The crescent moon icon is the same symbol used for Apple’s “Do Not Disturb” feature, which can mute alerts during scheduled hours of the day or temporarily when turned on and off manually. Anyway, at some point you may have turned off the ability to receive message alerts from one or more of your contacts from within the Messages app. The crescent moon symbol shows up when your contact has the “Hide Alerts” option associated with them in that app.  Turning “Hide Alerts” off removes the moon icon.


Step 1 – Open the Messages app.

Step 2 – Click and open a message session with the contact you wish to update.

Step 3 – In the upper right hand corner of the screen, look for the information icon (a lower-case letter “i” enclosed in a circle) and click it.

Step 4 – Look for the “Hide Alerts” option on that next screen.

Step 5 – Turn “Hide Alerts” off for that contact by tapping the toggle/switch icon found to the right of the “Hide Alerts” text.


Hide Alerts On


Hide Alerts Off

That’s it!   Problem solved!   Now you know why you’ve been missing texts from some of your friends.  Enjoy!

* These instructions were written based upon iOS release 11.2.   If you are running an older or newer version if iOS, these instructions may not align with your user experience.